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Carp O Ramma week 2 - 7/22 Upper Nehmahbin - updated carp slay video @ end

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Eight divers and Sue to chaperone –

Headed out onto Lake Nemahbin

And were definitely not alone.

The launch was buzzing with kayakers, paddle boarders and alike

We had to park cars at a remote lot

Which made for quite the hike!

Some had to hike a few times: namely Paul, Mark, Jeff, & Zach –

Forgot they needed a park permit there;

Meant trekking there and back!

We loaded up and headed off in search of Pete’s 30 lb. river anchor on Hidden Isle –

Passed the hopping Panga bar;

Asked for “cheese curds to go on the fly” –

Said jokingly with a smile.

There were three carp slayers: Pete, Greb, and John

Who ended up with a set of ten large fish!

Making a great dinner for recovering critters -

Hosted by Wisconsin Human Society Wildlife Center

Setting out the fish for critters to feast on a natural dish!

The divers paired up two-by-two -

First off Mark and Zach in there dry suits

Had to be quite hot

Almost became part of Pete’s carp stringer lot –

Swimming right over him has we was loading his spear

That surely could have been a pain in the rear!

Jeff Greb and Paul on the hunt for carp to slay

Making poor Paul carrying the speared fish all the way.

Pete went solo;

Hauling 4 carp back on his own

Such a stud he is –

Not even a groan!

Then there were John and Jeff Gavin heading east –

Looking for depths of more than 5 feet

Which were not to be found until the far shore

Swimming a good mile at least.

They recovered a pair of anchors and 2 carp to match

But left the rest of us wondering:

Who’s the navigator in that batch?

After everyone else was back onboard and changed to head back –

Gavin and John were nowhere to be seen;

But wait, there they are standing off in a distant shore;

With a good 30 minute swim left to attack!

Time for an “Uber” lift to retrieve these two men;

Retrieved them by boat following their bubbles to be found;

Pete honked and honked and revved the engine –

Yet, they were clueless we were around.

Finally, yanked on Gavin’s dive float and hauled his butt aboard;

Yet John continued to swim toward someone unknown boat in the distance–

Finally surfacing to see us

All of our yelling and honking totally ignored!

At last, we feasted on subs and cookies provided by Jeff and Patti too –

A feast to be had by this hungry dive crew.

A brief visit back at the launch till the mosquitoes took us away;

Unsure of our next destination –

As some are headed off next week on a much needed VACA!

Dive paths, John and Jeff were winners! Pete was scared diving alone and Zach and Mark found the boat 3 x's Ha ha ha...

Overall a great day, just wish i had a shot of those 10 Carp dropped off at Jeannie's house :)

Carp Video:

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