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Bombs away Delavan 5 25 Scuba finds +19 Anchors

Well the weather turned out to be a great deal warmer than originally predicted for the 6 Divers off to Lake Delavan. Pete, Brandon, Jeff, Paul, Tom & John.

Loading up early, we got a jump on the trip, knowing it was a long way away, for some of +3 counties away. Supposed to rain, so we donned our gear on before the drive to dive.

I wonder if Pete always drives w eyes closed? Amazing we actually made it.

Arriving at the launch, nobody around, must have been the rain forecast and "strong" Winds. Luckily, none of that others us after the drive with Pete's eyes closed ;)

Launching was a snap and off we ventured out, not sure what or where but hopeful

Paul finally had his buddy back

Jeff had his son instead of Roger (major upgrade for sure)

Maybe a little rain on the south side.

Pete was off with his "skillful" above the water navigational skills, no so much under it.

We jumped into good visibility at 28 feet, with plenty of line out if it storms more.

Rewarded we were with many anchors and treasures.

Confirming our memories of last year, Illinois visitors do not know how to tie a knot

All in all 19 anchors were returned to the boat with floats under water, even a sailboat rudder and boat pole

A few bottles survived the tight packing of anchors. 2 Geneva coke bottles will make their new home in the bottom off Keesus after Sue finds them. John did forget how to clean the bottles, while in the water. Poor Pete's clean boat was sacrificed.

Even colorful blue and yellow anchors were found.

But the best was the one hidden in the middle

Yes Proud Papa Pete, polished up his new bomb and will talk more about it at the next dive meeting (6/14) at Stillwater Diving

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