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April 17th 2019 Okauchee Lake by Golden Mast Shore Dive

Well not quite the best warm day to dive with temp in the 40's and rain expected, but it was Okauchee and we went diving for treasures.

We gained a few divers and lost one this week going out with Pete, Jeff, John, Jim & Stephanie (both from Our goal was looking for those darn glasses that fell off of Pete's great Aunt. Well we searched and searched not knowing if they got caught in the current, or a boat wave to no avail. It still was a good dive, with water around 44 degrees and only 2 boats on the lake. We were able to clean up a few dropped items, but those darn special glasses were not to be found.

With poor Roger trying to kill a Turkey for an entire week, we were blessed with Xtra cookies to consume before we even left the trailer! :)

Plus with no restrictions on vegatables, we pigged out on carrots and the best Hawaiian sandwiches from Sue. Amazing we ate all 19 of them for the 5 divers plus a bag of chips and a few brews from Jeff.

It was a good adventure and we tracked 2 of our 3 groups in route, something that could NEVER be done in the summer with all the boat traffic.

A great time diving for almost an hour, even with John forgetting both his dive gloves and booties. I think he improvised again to save the dive but appeared to look like the creature from the black lagoon with gloves on his toes...

Odd thing to ponder was that the Black Lagoon water, looked like Okauchee with the brown brackish color already this early in the year. Off to another shore dive next week and looking forward to warmer weather.

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