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April 10th 2019 Shore Dive Mill Pond

Despite the raging snow storm we were able to dive at the Mill Pond by Double D's.

Diving were Pete, Roger, Jeff & John with about a 45 minute immersion in the 39 degree water. This week was a roll reversal with Jeff and Roger crossing Pete & John's muck trail seven (7) times.

Not much to be found depths to about 44 feet and the weather seemed to actually warm up by the time we finished. We dined at Double D's and feasted on a variety of foods including: pizza, fish, burgers and chicken which were all delicious. Roger even sweet talked the waitress to bring him a very "special" cookie. It was a great time and much better than shoveling the heavy wet dropping we received.

Off to Okauchee next week for some serious mucking and clean up.

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