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9 29 Upper Nehmabin - Not so great visibility

Everyone's happy, we were just missing a boat.

Eventually it arrive and off we went to the West side, Pete moving quickly.

Amazingly President Jeff didn't forget anything this week. (prior 3 Dives he did ;) )

Paul and Tom getting ready quickly, that sun is going down very fast this time of year.

I think Paul was describing the cookie he ate before the dive

Yup a full tray and only crumbs were left.

Diving spot picked by Jeff, who seemed very pleased with his choice.

Here is Before Choice and then after"

A noticeable improvement.

Off we went and after 30' the visibility went for poop. How bad was it, well Pete and John got separated when they ran into a tree. John popped up and found the float and came back down, but didn't see poor Pete until he dropped on top of him and shoved him into the muck head first. Good think he wasn't mad, John waved to him to make him smile. Tom and Paul found a few fish cribs, Jeff and Roger some golf balls and coffee can anchors, Pres Jeff was still searching for elusive carp. Well now we know why Pete was happy after being head mucked, he found priceless treasures below. Not sure why but he kept shooting John during the dive with his new gun.

Off to Pine for the next dive. Don't forget about the next Dive meeting 10/12 6pm at

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