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9 21 Pewaukee Lake Diving

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Updated picts below

Off to Pewaukee on a chilly night, but not everyone felt the cold.

Paul, Greb and Roger were ready early, just waiting for the boat.

Jeff arrived a bit late, but all were ready before the boat.

Jumping on lake we thought we were tough against the elements, but who do we see?

Yes, a water skier w/o a wet suit, guess we are not as tough as she was.

Energizer bunny back and forth

Suck it up pancakes, get a pair for the cold water. Visibility wasn't bad at about 6 feet. Water wasn't that bad and no bugs afterwards for Pete's ham/torpedo sandwiches.

Pete was very concerned about the bank of clouds and the "storm" that might be soon.

Paul and John were not that concerned.

Ended up being a beautiful evening, a few bottles were found, but too dark to take pictures (taken following day below). Even found a round bottom one, but that is a story for the next dive meeting.

Roger found an odd item.

Maybe we will come back the next week.

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