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8/3 Scuba Diving in Nag,

Jeff was very excited about Paul's find.

Trucks were aligned and the ranger didn't care we offloaded the gear.

John, Jeff, Paul, Roger and Pete, Poor Roger had to go alone.

An old Green PBR a rare find worth the big $$$

Good Grub from Pete, Roger enjoyed the onions for sure ;)

Pete found a nice anchor and rope, John a cover pole, Roger a very ugly fishing net.

Paul was looking for his little buddy, but ended up having to dive with Jeff. I think he was quite happy with his treasures.

Martini Flag for Jeff.

Yes a treasure for sure, Lori will be so very happy with the new flag for her pool.

Rack and stack those cans, they were everywhere.

Ah if only it was unopened, it would have aged well. 1955 can Selling for $200 on ebay right now.

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