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8/17 Pewaukee Lake - found the Cow bones

Only 7 Divers on an 80+ degree night.

Yep we found the cows, rumors were all true. Want to know more? Next dive meeting.

John, Jeff, Steve, Jeff2, Paul, Tom & Pete

Ever notice How I always grab the good side of everyone's photo?

At least they are looking.

Paul had his little buddy Tom, searching for the evasive round bottom bottle.

Crystal clear night and visibility was a good 6 feet in spots, Only issue was a very VERY small muck cloud left by Pete and John. Really was very minor, trust me.

Really, why are you excited with that find?

I think John was trying to figure out which bone was which, took him a while to figure it

was a COW not a Jeffery Dalhmer deposit. Remember Jeffery didn't leave the remains.

No they are not meant to look alike :)

Wow Jeff you found treasures too, nice head band for sure worth a lot

All ready to come out and view the treasures and Petes good food.

Quite a few goodies and china plate.

Must be worth thousands, yes will bring to next dive meeting.

Jeff was really excited about his find.

What a beauty it was. Still corked.

Like a proud Pappa.

i'm sure we will hear the story behind the vintage soon.

Not to be outdone, Paul and Tom wanted to show off "ALL" of the treasures they found

Ok they found a few others too, but not that many and no round bottom bottle yet.

Then there was VP Steve, he wasn't too thrilled with the only treasure he found

Then Jeff told him that the bottle was worth $200+ and his attitude change instantly

Poor Roger was still on dry land up north visiting sailing ships, maybe next week.\

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