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7/6 Upper Nehmabin Scuba Diving - slaying Carp

Carp slayer Jeff is once again taking care of population issues all himself. Patti's garden is going to be in full bloom after this fertile feast. Loading the crew prior to launch.

Mark, Ryan, Pete, Roger, Jeff's and John loaded up, need to look out for a few rocks.

Where are happy faces? Nice Ryan...

Yup those rocks jump out at you. Look

Guys that is a no wake rock only, no fear

Under the bridge, we are all getting happy faces on for the dive to come

80's and a bit overcast w calm waters

Oh boy there we go again with Jeff's happy hands, no wonder Jeff is smiling...goose

Pete is really happy knowing he gets to dive alone, John doesn't know yet, still smiling

A good trip by all. Greb & Pete going solo, John & Jeff getting slightly lost and Roger, Mark and Ryan running out of air. Carp were not found by Jeff & John at all

How did the trip pan out and why did John and Jeff take so long getting back?

Jeff was picking up junk anchors, putting in John's float and he got tangled around a footing barge not once, but twice. Visibility was not quite that great above 26', good 26'-50' temperature below the thermocline was 47 degrees and a bit cool in the wetsuit.

Those ropes are really always getting looped on any and everything. Want proof? Look at what Pete and I had to deal with on Pewaukee 2 weeks prior.

End of the dive, Jeff got his fishy and Mark ended with 2 coke bottles, total excitement

can be seen on their faces

Pete found 2 good anchors and Jeff found a brick and 2 not so good anchors.

You can decide were they worth it?

John found a Fox Head Embossed bottle

Jeff's big find was a fishing pole, then followed by a patriotic fishing pole sleeve.

Off to Nag next week after the dive meeting, maybe some treasures will be shared.

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