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7/13 Nagawicka Diving for Carp and Treasures

Jeff was trying for a spot in Where the Crawdad's Sing movie, but he didn't get it.

Beautiful day for diving, just had to watch out for the sailboats at the launch when departing. Did they really have to set up a course across the launch?

After the prior nights dive meeting, Roger was donning the new Suit from Stillwater Diving LLC, which needed a few adjustments.

Wow even Pete showed up at meeting.

Picked our spot along the West side, with Rhonda, Roger, Pete, Jeff, Mark Jeff-2, John

John and Jeff mucking and carp slaying while video taping, sounds safe for sure

Beautiful sight on the lake with very few fellow boaters

Jeff is all set for carp slaying

Boys were thirsty afterwards, Thanks to Roger John eventually got his mask back that

flipped off somewhere near anchor spot

John was so happy for the mask and new hat, he showed his excitement to Pete

Just a great evening

a few treasures were found, John with a hat and pliers

Pete with some bottles

A bit of BS'ing afterwards and shenanigans

Where did that fishing pole go Roger?

oh there it is stuck in Johns gas cap.

A good evening, Pete still needs to work on his bottle cleaning skills.

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