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6/5 Nagawicka Scuba Diving Carp slay, time to smoke

Off 4Seasons Scuba Diving went to Nagawicka to slay the monsters of the shallows.

A group of 7 ventured with 5 divers and 4 slayers jumped into the murky waters of Nag.

Poor Tom was doing loops in the yellow, not sure if it was a designed figure 8, or a few brews before he went under...

It started out sunny, but changed to a cool Wisconsin evening with some wind out of the west.

Everyone went wet for the first time this year.

Water was 70 at the surface and 60 above the thermocline.

Roger & the Carp:

Poor Jeannie hasn't figured out the carp is still in Rogers freezer...

Well i'm sure Jeff can tell the guys at work it is "smoked trout" again.

A few of Jeff's nice treasures, well humor him he thinks the skate blade was a good find.

Finishing the night, Roger had to fix John's failing spear, but will be set for next week round 2 at the same location.

Maybe next week we can get a few more to stuff in Roger's freezer.

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