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6/27 Pine Lake Smoke Sky Dive w Naughty Boys!

Well we knew we were doomed, Julie decided to dive with us once this year...Bad Boys!

Well it started well, but Julie's hat blew off. For any of us, it's lost, forget it, Pete goes on... Well not for Julie, throttle down, turn boat, make 2 passes for hat before it drops below the very clear waters of Pine lake. Roger practically swan dove in to get it for the

Julie appreciation "hug"!!! Jeff was just thinking about jumping in. Pete was a bit angry knowing Roger got reward hug ;) but hey he got to dive with John!!!

Everyone got ready and Tom enjoyed watching all pose for Julie pictures. No I'm not kidding need proof? Just look below...Bad Boys all over the place on/off boat more later

Ok Ryan picture, John Picture, Jeff snuck in there so fast I missed it. 7 Divers on a

smoky Canadian Fire evening water 44 degrees down low.

You can see the haze in the distance, but much better than earlier in week when you

couldn't see across the lake at all.

Well the dive went well, down to over 70' in 30+foot visibility off the island. Looks like Jeff and Roger had the marathon dive and you can see the spot the anchors were found.

Poor Julie had to put up again with Roger and his changing in front of the boat. Nice Bass!

Once we came to shore, It took a second to figure out why Ryan decided to park WAY over on other side of lot...

More naughty boys. Well Ryan saw something that made him smile. Well then everyone

saw it. Roger said wax on, wax off. Not sure how the boat owner trained her to wipe the whole boat down we got to learn that one, but the guys enjoyed it. Not sure she did the other side at all... :)

Actually recovered 3 anchors, John and Pete got the new ones below from about 65' good thing the stainless steel cable was able to be removed from the one one the right it was over 75' long.

While pulling it off bottom a 18lb Richter popped up so a 2:1 left cable. Both almost new. Never saw big one before on the left.

Roger found this little guy, but he was preoccupied with other thoughts on his mind

Off we went to North Lake Inn for Pizza Special, what could go wrong there? Well Roger?

Just read the sign Roger!!! After a 4 year hiatus we got seated at the mirror table again from our favorite waitress. Just don't blow it guys, no Roger just don't do it...

Yup, bad boy did it again, then wen we left he kissed it and left the smudge another 4 years of being put on the naughty list. I will admit Tom was the best behaved!

A really nice night of diving was had by all, below the smoky sunset on Pine Lake!

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