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6/16 Pine Lake Crime in process...investigation underway

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Unidentified Fat Bald Man wandering away quickly from Stillwater Diving in Delafield after Pine Lake Boat trip

This post is being worked on and after a full investigation as to the cause of this act will be able to provide more details in the next few days...

Any identification as to the culprit or the details of the incident, please let us know!

Possible suspects:

Lots of guilty looks, who do you think it might be?

Might be time to ride the Bull and get a suspect in chains...

Now on to the Pine Lake dive, beautiful night for a dive, too bad like always we dive in the midst of the chemical spray, maybe that is why the suspects all look guilty.

Where to dive...

Dive times to just over an hour, depths of close to 70' in water temp of 42, 77 on top.

Some really nice finds, even one that ended up outside of Stillwater Diving LLC, but that one guilty person. Too bad nobody confessed.

Peaceful evening on the lake. Hard part was finding 2 Pizza places closed and we "had to" go to Water Street Brewery for Drinks and dinner.

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