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6 14 Okauchee Dive on Flag Day

Unreal, but Roger actually found a US Flag on Flag Day during our Dive!

Loading up at Golden Mast

Jeff, Tom, Paul, Mark, Roger, Pete, Ryan & John went off on a warm day to the chilly waters of Okauchee. Even thought the temp above the water was 80's, below was 41.

Getting the gear ready, off we went.

Careful to Obey Captain Pete, we kept a very clean ship, or started that way.

Jeff and John always follow the rules, no garbage/treasure ever comes aboard until scrubbed squeaky clean.

Looks like Mark found a new fishing pole, diving with Ryan.

Maybe it came from the boat, that somehow sunk? I think the water squirrels were

burring rocks in that hull not acorns!

John found a pair of window weights, showing off. No muck there.

What could be better? Exiting the lake, master diver Pete avoided the fish spawning

very close to shore, notice the right tires. Good Directions Jeff!

Oh Jeff, how did you get that on the boat? Really a 45lb weight? Who needs to pose?

Roger didn't want to be outdone

Yes lots of weight was in that float, had to be offloaded separately and poor Captain's boat was covered in zebra's. Guess 1st Mate Mike is going to do some power washing!

Lori is going to be so proud of your new pool treasure Jeff! What else was found?

Balls, Bottles, Trick Ropes, Full Coke Can, Sour Shirt and a Grolsch bottle were all cleaned

out of the lake, making it a better place!

Somehow all the golf balls ended in John's car, thanks Jeff!

Ryan's new map helped us navigate

Even mark found a few items.

Roger finally found the priceless coke bottle and John's going to try the new trick ski rope over the weekend.

Pete, as always, fixed a great meal for all, nobody went home hungry!

All one day after our informative Dive Meeting at Stillwater Diving LLC in Delafield!

A great trip was had by all. Funny thing was Jeff was tired of saluting following Roger's Flag Day waving of his find under the water. Jeanie is going to have to hoist it soon!

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