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5/5 Cinco de Mayo Scuba Diving on Pewaukee

Well boat was packed with 8 divers for a bottle adventure on Pewaukee Lake. Tom, Jeff, Pete, Steve, Jim and Covid Roger were joined with Ryan and John to round out the group.

Spot was picked ahead of time. Looking for $13M in missing/laundered funds we were told, maybe a car too according to Sherriff's department. Oh the next dive meeting could be the talk of town.

The adventure paths were quite dramatic, but not from such a distance as this GPS track.

Notice the absolute precise navigational skills from True-Square Tom's float. Impressive!

Well no $ or car was found, but 5 anchors and quite a few bottles, sunglasss, ski binder, fishing pole, boat light, cans and a gun.

The Blue bag was all Jim! Wow who taught him what a treasure was?

Well the gun did still fire, just ask Pete what it tasted like after John popped up with it and fired away, amazing it still worked.

Well 6 anchors officially, but I'm not sure the 3rd from left counts.

Woah a fishing pole, wonder where that will end up?

A really good selection of bottles if i do say so myself.

Really Jeff, why did you pick that up with the dirty socks?

Time for cookies (thanks Sue), brew and Pete's world famous Potato sandwiches! (no taters inside).

Tom told Jim not to drink the beers, but Jim knew it washes down the peanut butter cups well. Pete was just happy he had found Pappa Graff. Lost the hat, but found a treasure.

And excellent adventure!

Now that pole??? Steve just don't do that, you know Jim always gets even, trust me I know ;)

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