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5 31 Pewaukee Dive after the storm well worth it

Pete found a new "exciting" and "original" never have seen bottle!

5 Divers Pete, Mark, Roger Jeff & John followed the storm...hail and all to a nice night

To this in 20 minutes:

Yup just passed over.

Wow did Tom really back out because the storm? Well he didn't have his little dive

buddy Paul, so maybe his fault?

Food was served on a leisurely coast along the north shore, even stopped to sing a Happy Birthday song to Sharon, who was very appreciative.

The loot was great, over 60 bottles, an 18lb Richter anchor, a vintage sail boat rudder & ?

Nice 8 sided brown one.

A good view of the whole haul

Lots of good stuff!

Variety of embossed bottles, mason jars and a few medicine bottles.

nice rudder Pete, had to get the lift bag for that one.

Not sure how Pete found anything with the muck cloud John put up in front of him criss crossing Pete's path, but he did find the Thunder Power speaker, up 1000'+ to be heard!

I think Roger needs it for Jeanie!

Looking at the love of that speaker.

Oh and new ones are out of stock, so time for ebay to be sold slightly used.

A great evening and even desert, 7 layer cherry layer cake at the parking lot! Mabye a trip back soon! Vis wasn't bad and boat traffic was almost nil, except for fireman's son's Bass boat who almost ran over Pete's float (not kidding), which had too small of a flag for the bass boat to be seen, or so he said after our trip ended. I think he wanted cake.

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