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5/29 Wind Lake Scuba Muck Dive was $ worth it

A few brave souls ventured to Wind Lake. Pete, Roger, Jeff and Paul took a mucking lesson from the trainer Pete and turned profitable with many old treasures to be found.

Was a nice night for diving and water was about 60, the guys found an empty spot at the launch and had a great evening.

As has been the case for the year, Jeff G found the most goodies and is working on overtaking Pete's horde of bottles.

Poor Paul was just dragging on Pete's BC for most of the trip to keep him from going too far.

A few finds that were not brought up:

Roger’s Cast Iron Dagger Thing:

The Tractor Seat:

The pile of green bottles (also know as Heineken Jeff) :

Pete, Paul and the Car Battery:

Getting back on the boat:

A great evening, wishing a few more would come when the water warms up a bit more.

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