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5/10 Delavan Boat Dive

A nice day for diving with little boat traffic for 5 divers and 2 guests.

Packing up early Tom, Paul, Roger, John and Pete went to Jeff's favorite dive site. Poor

Jeff had to "work" :), or was it a parade?

Packed the boat in a nice warm evening and then poof Rhonda and Brian showed up.

Picked up on Jeff's #1 location in about 25', vis was nice but very green w algae

Off the front of the boat, the side and

and the back, could see our bottom

from the top of the water.

it looked great, good thing we had watchers t make sure the boat traffic didn't get too close :), well 1 other boat.

Just a picturesque evening for those attending. Paul had his best Buddy Tom diving!

Pete over did himself again supplying food for all with lots of left overs, since Jeff was

"working" at some distant location

John even wore his shirt to make Jeff feel worse attending some firetruck float fixing

A few nice anchors were found and

a very special Pete Bottle!

and priceless vase

Even Roger, diving all alone (& afraid) found another fishing pole

A great evening, with possibly another visit the following week.

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