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4th Ice Dive Okauchee and cold

Everyone was needing assistance on a cold February day

Lending a helping hand and warm water to keep from free flowing.

Jeff wasn't so cold, but he is tough

Looks inviting out there on the ice.

Warm gloves do help

Steph nanuk was watching

Tom's always on the move

Stillwater Diving watching intently

Mark's all set and ready

Rogers mask was freezing before he went in with Mark and Jeff

Jeff's done with a few treasures found.

Oh well worth it.

Look who is visiting in distance...Brandon walking out with his friends.

30 min max today.

Tom and Paul next

Paul is ready, his buddy is delaying him.

Tom needed a few extra weights today, BC must have froze up.

Yup gear was really frozen solid after today.

John had gloves on, but exhaling to get belt on and rid of the Covid 20...

Pete found 2 milk bottles, a treasure that will be almost priceless.

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