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4 Seasons Halloween Dive Night 10/30

12 Divers, 10 pumpkins, 11 pots of chili and a fun time for all

A surprisingly warm fall day with a beautiful sunset for all.

A few divers popped up early, one with no hoodie, another w/o gloves.

Pumpkins Pumpkins everywhere.

Who needs a float flag when you carve a dive flag in the Pumpkin?

A Kelp bed

a wobbly site sight line, maybe beers consumed already?

Happy tooth

Steph had a lot of time and looked like a surgeon with that artwork:

Maybe the kraut in the chili was too much?

Laying down on the job with Tom's nose

Colors from Rhonda with a few of her spare hats ;)

The Nagawicka Beach House was rocking with spooky sounds and brews

Thanks to all of spouses for support and treats!

I think Jeff found the hot one

Enough coolers of cold brews were abundantly found, but all that chili took John into a food coma.

Winner Chili were Paul and Paula! Thanks for that smoked sirloin chili wit a little bite.

Roger won the carve award, hum he was the first one in the water was he really carving?

Jeff's subtle suggestion for the December meeting.

A great time was had by all, if only we had to wait for another year.

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