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4/23 Nagawicka 1st Scuba Boat dive of year

The happy crew of 8 ventured out for a cool, but pleasant trip. Venturing were Tom, Paul, Mark, Pete, Steph, Jeff, Jim & John.

Water was 42 degrees, just a bit cooler than the air, but didn't stop 4 divers from going wet. Dive times ran from 47-1:15 (Jeff & Mark were a bit lost).

How did the race go? Well here is the times against each group:

Smiles all around, not easy to get them all lined up on one side for photos :)

Maybe it was for the cookies?

1 Sailboat extended ruder was found by Pete in 50' of water, John wanted nothing to do with carrying it for the next 45 minutes, so have at it Pete.


Then 3 anchors were found by Jeff, one right under the boat. Good spot picked Jeff!

Even a fishing pole, golf balls and the best looking Coke can that John every has found, now PROUDLY displayed at Stillwater Diving in Delafield most valued treasure case! Steph is Loving it! If i only had a picture to share...

A beautiful end to a great night, enjoyed by all.

On to Pewaukee

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