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2nd Shore Dive on Beulah 4/6 - 5 Divers

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Beautiful Evening for a Dive on Lake Beulah, water was up to 39 degrees

NEW updated video's from dive below

Roger was all excited (not from grabbing Jeff's Butt), but to go diving and yes that was a new pier on the right that we tried out. Good thing nobody say the "No Parking" sign buried behind trailer, but the Sheriff did pay us a visit :)

Drove by Double DD's looked like it might be open soon, hopefully remodeled.

Back to Beulah other side and that new permanent pier.

Pete and John went out and back, Roger was MIA but went to the right and Paul and Jeff got lost returning, but maybe because of the muck cloud. Paul blamed the wind, no kidding he really did. Guess he will explain at next weeks dive meeting.

Paul did pop up, Jeff was still mucking, how did that look well below is a first hand view.

NEW Video from Jeff's adventure:

Amazingly Pete and John caught up with Mr. Muck, here is what we saw.

The way Pete and I went, there wasn't any muck, proof in the pudding

Trailer has a protection scheme thanks to Jeff, after his mishap. Door is padded!

What did Jeff do you ask? Shhhh don't tell anyone about it, especially at next Tuesday's dive meeting at Stillwater at 6pm. :)

Easter cookies made all the boo boo's disappear.

Overall we had a great time and food from Roger

Next week Pangea Bar and Upper Nehmabin!

Don't forget Dive meeting 4/12 at Stillwater in Delafield at 6pm SHARP, followed by a visit to In Cahoots in Genesee Depot.

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