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2nd Ice Dive Pewaukee Lake 1/31/21

Well quite a bit warmer than last weeks zero, so exited Jeff was... He didn't need a changing room.

6 Divers and one helper ventured out looking for a freshly sunken boat! Well from the fall at least :)

Tom, Paul, Mark, Jeff, John, Roger (in UTV) and Pete (mia)

oh there he is.

getting closer and closer he is

Nice patriotic flag Roger, nice add

Needing to plow a road all the way out after another 6" of snow the prior night, we had Petey's might ATV plow with the burly Paul adding the weight to push it all aside. Paul continued his muscle moves by pushing the ice block under the opening!

Yup Paul again, doing almost everything with his "helper" Tom!

Down goes Mark and Paul!

Then Jeff and Roger

Last were Pete and John.

Well it was about 10 inches thick and the water temperature was right at 32 degrees, not sure why it has been so cold lately.

Funny thing was John sent Jeanie a picture that showed a bit different ice depth with Rogers UTV on the lake and strict orders with it must be over 8" thick, so we sent this:

A fun time of diving looking everywhere for that darn boat, supposed to be close w/in 50' we were told, but then again with 2' visibility nothing is easy.

First group no luck, second group no luck...where is the boat?

Hope those ropes work

Good thing we didn't step on them too much with those cleats!

Oh winners were Pete and John finding all the goodies and the boat 20' from the hole.

A new cooking pot for the trailer, well maybe not.

a Battery needing a charge

Mark marking the hole, at least he wasn't standing on the ice block.

Pete and John happy after the big find and all the treasures.

Yup, we are #1 finders!!!

Yummy Chicken and brownies from Pete & Sheri and leftover tray of cupcakes from dive party were almost all consumed, well Roger did finish them all ;)

A great time was had by all. We eventually got out of the parking lot after shoveling and then pushing Mark out of the drifts. Hoping next time he brings his own shovel and doesn't go head first into the biggest drift in the lot.

Off to Pewaukee next week with a forecast of -2 to -14, good time to test the heater!

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