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2nd Ice Dive on Beulah 1/30/22

Well the weather was warmer (for some) than the prior week for the 6 divers on Beulah.

Jeff Picked the spot and Pete's dyslexia picked the opposite point from the launch site. All good.

Lake has been hit hard by us lately.

Notice Red Circle on bottom right was where we ended up.

Pete cut that hole and let us go, John was even on time for Beulah, think he left at 5:30am. Roger had to supervise extensively. He was trying to brown nose for forgetting his hoodie for 2nd week in a row. Ok reminds me of Greb.

Not to be supervised outdone, Mark was working hard too.

Steve does look cold, good thing he didn't have a hat on to mat down that nice new haircut.

I think Pete just likes this part the best.

Pretty clear for Steve and John to push the block down, not too crowded on the lake today.

Ok looks like a true 12" of ice this week.

Time for Roger & Steve to Jump in.

The new VP really needed some assistance, good thing Jeff was overly warm helping with Mark making sure the tank didn't flip.

John was sporting a new Christmas hat and thought the weather was a bit colder than desired.

Then Mark and Jeff when, followed by Pete & John.

Roger tending rope, this time Steve was stu-pervising too.

Ah Pete and John's turn to finish the day

John's just absorbing vitamin D

A few treasures were found and the temps seemed to be dropping.

The gear seemed to freeze a bit solid

Everyone was warm inside the trailer with Pete's good food! Winnies for all. Thanks for beers Jeff.

Roger was on a diet and only had 2 brownies.

Someone forgot the other desert, but maybe that was a good thing. Bringing next week.

All sealed up and marked, froze before we left.

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