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-28 WC/-11 Balmy degrees for 3rd ice dive on Pewaukee Lake

Seven of us headed out, but only 4 took the plunge in the 40 degree warmer water on Pewaukee. Picking the correct spot was the toughest choice lucky Pete was prepared!

Off we plowed a 3/4 mile path, that only one Equinox followed us to the ice hole

Off were Jim and Steph to have some fun

Jim even found a burbon bottle

Seems to freeze up a bit quickly after you get out. Who would have thunk it?

Fearless Tom was the rope tender and very happy to do it!

Proper Prep was everything and dressing warm after the dive was needed.

Well that hole didnt take long to freeze over from the last set of divers, since they just got out of the hole.

On Jim & Steph, better make sure your reg isn't frozen.

Awe never mind we have some warm water.

Hey look i'm frozen solid and can't move.

See they came back happy!

Or so it seems

Great rope tending was the key!

Tom and John made sure there were no pooling of lines.

Wow up they popped.

oh yes, very warm for all and so many ice fishermen we had to contend with...

Food was great and the temperature stayed almost above 40 in the trailer ;)

All warm, er kind of

All sealed up and froze solid before we even left.

A nice little grouping from Pete!

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