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2 24 2019 Scuba Ice Dive Pewaukee - To Die for Chicken

Well look what the 50 mph wind blew in –

It’s the Four Seasons dive team –

Back on Pewaukee Lake again!

Ten hearty divers met early –

After a night of the rowdy “Xmas dive party” and John’s “weinie roast” fun

Jeff, Roger, John, Pete, Paul, Tom,

Dan, Jim, Rhonda, and Mark (the new one)

Pete and Roger checked out the lake to make sure all was a go –

Not a soul or ATV in sight,

So we ventured out in 6-8” of slush, water, and snow.

Doing a planned lake clean up for the DNR,

And scheduled to be interview by Fox;

Goal was to bring as much garbage up from the bottom –

Every can, bottle, and box!

Unfortunately, due to high winds,

Fox 6 backed out –

But nothing holds back our divers,

Hearty to the core without a doubt!

Made it to our destination –

Out off the isle.

Everyone drenched head to toe,

But all still with a smile.

Dispatched divers in sets of two and one of three –

First off were Jim and Mark,

But Jim ended up solo,

Due to Mark’s equipment difficulty.

Followed by Tom, Paul, and Dan

Diving into the deep blue

Then came Pete and John

And last but not least Roger and Jeff – the clean up crew.

The wind never let up;

Penetrated our bones from our head to our feet –

So we wasted no time retreating to the trailer

Once our dive was complete.

We were rewarded with 13 lbs. of Pete’s chicken –

“To die for” no doubt!

Washed it down with some beers from John & Jeff,

Including a bourbon aged stout.

Dessert included an assortment of donuts supplied by Dan –

Totally hit the spot –

Longest dive of the year concluded,

Fighting the wind all the way back to the parking lot!

Just a bit sloppy out there

Quite a few fisherman braving the 50mph gusts...NOT!!!

Go Jim, 1st Ice Solo

Trips for the seasoned crew

Poor Pete got short straw again

Ahh that never felt so good Pete, got a cig?

Really a lawn mower? What the heck were they cutting.

Time for a quick change on the ice for John and the water seems to be getting higher.

Whoa where was the DNR to see all the junk?

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