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1st Wednesday Dive of the Season - Upper Nemahbin 3/28/2018

Upper Nemahbin Lake –

Scene of the first Wednesday dive of the season.

For Roger, Pete, Jeff, and John,

Diving never requires a good reason!

At 50 degrees, the weather was fair;

Water temp at 37,

A bit cooler than the air.

Roger and Pete set off all alone.

Roger sprung a leak in his dry suit –

Rendering him wet to the bone!

Pete too sprung a slight leak;

And to top it all off,

His findings were bleak!

Team John and Jeff scored the biggest haul:

For Jeff a Blatz bottle, aluminum chair and garbage can,

But wait! That’s not all –

John snagged 2 Bic lighters and two embossed bottles taboot;

A Coke bottle, pinwheel, Ever Ready battery, and red fishing pole to add to the loot!

After the dive, the crew crashed Panga bar for Bingo night;

Downing some beer and grub –

Kicking off the 2018 dive season just right!

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