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1st Shore Dive of the year 3/30 Silver Lake

Pete is pumped up for the 1st shore dive, hope he doesn't cramp up in 37 degree water.

Paul and Jeff are excited to go together, poor Roger has to go alone.

Pete and John had a nice track for an hour, did i mention water was 37 degrees?

Well it started out nice visibility and relatively clear, from Pete and John's perspective, even found an anchor, canoe and some other treasures.

Even found a Gar about 30 minutes in, too bad Pete was lost (yes on Silver) and the fog rolled in for about 3' of visibility on the surface. I think he needs compass navigation class. Worse yet, poor Petey cramped up on both legs so it was extra long swim back.

Sorry for the light i guess it doesn't work in Pete's face or camera shots...

Roger found a treasure.

There Steph and Jim were found, they headed under early.

Did find this along the way, just in a bit worse shape.

7 Divers had a great time, found oh so few treasures, i'm still looking for that golf ball i found, but slipped out of my goodie bag. Note to self: Bring a banana for Pete next week!

Next dive to Beulah!

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