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1st Ice Dive of the Year on Fowler 1/27 w video now!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Look how happy Jeff is in the 32 degree water! Yup, that was the water on my computer.

Almost looks relaxing the way Roger is leaning back.

Weather was a bit brisk at 1 degree

Headed out from the launch and drove 1 ATV out to about 35" of water.

Odd nobody was out on the lake with ATV's except us, I'm sure it was just they didn't have an ATV :)

Someone was relaxing in the sled. I think he needed to sit down recovering from the hangover on Jack :). Well then I think it kept his booties just a little warmer then standing, but not much. Delay was for a wrench to tighten Pete's tank hose, just a little leak.

The whole didn't take long to refreeze, but hey what do you expect in the single digits

5 divers showed up, but only 4 dove. Roger looks a little deflated here, but full of flaps.

Jeff is ready to take on the world

Andy was keeping a watchful eye and was great to have along as we drove back and forth to the trailer on shore. That way nobody fell in the hole in the lake.

Down Divers and they were off Jeff & Roger



Oh it looks so inviting, come on out!

What did it look like down under and what mermaid did Roger spear to get that suit?

Fish view up, not a real big hole from down below. Good thing we have a rope.

Oh the goodies they found: Ladder, bottle & Fishing net

Well the rope worked this time, now to change into something dry and warm.

Well it only took about an hour in the trailer before we started to feel our appendages, so we had to keep ourselves amused while snacking on food and big puff Cheetos! Pete, Jeff and Andy were smoking theirs (notice the face was a bit flushed (cold)).

Roger did not get memo of where to stick it, but he did eat them all.

Things were getting carried away, but luckily we ran out of those puff's

Next we had to hit the healthy little donuts.

But all had a good time, yup we did have the healthy hot dogs, Andy was the only one who finished the 4th one :) nice trick by Roger stating he already had a 4th. Just disregard that if your read it Andy.

Only one little boo boo, but no stiches this year needed. Might have to hear the rest of the story at this weekend's Christmas Dive Party :) A nice ladder and fish net were found along with some girls swimming suit bottom that did not look very sanitary.

Maybe next week Roger won't "over" inflate his dry suit. He did pop up to the top from 30 feet rather quickly. Ahh no that wasn't quite a safe assent, but all worked out well.

Next week it is off to Pewaukee to search for bottles and a newly sunk tri-hull.

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