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1st Ice Dive of the Year Lake Beulah 2/9/20

Pete Mark & Roger off to Lake Beulah for the 1st Ice dive of the year.

As in most years a few bugs at the beginning, but all got wet - some more than others.

Poor Pete had a leaking dry suit, better fix that before next week buddy!

Roger brought his new Speed Racer UTV on the ice, but don't tell Jeannie about that yet.

Roger forgot to check his tank's pressure before he went under, well good thing he had that pony bottle. Primary air source was ZERO (don't tell Jeannie about that either), but Roger improvised with the pony bottle just like Lake Michigan and had a few laps before coming up.

Mark had a first for the past few dives, he actually came up with air still above 500lbs in his tank. Great news!

Food & Brew supplied by Pete for a great time.

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