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1st Ice Dive of Season Nagawicka 1/29/23

Not sure if it is really safe, but no "Dare you" gets past Roger's UTV.

Well the first few feet were a bit questionable, but a good 5" was found out in 7' of water

Pete did his clearing, funny he must be a lot lighter than Roger, since he plowed a path and got off the lake.

Notice where Roger parked and then Pete, one safe the other...well that's Roger. Does Jeannie know about this, or did he tell her he went out for a lake drive?

A beautiful dumping of 10 inches of snow slowed us down just a little bit.

Where did the fishermen go?

Well somebody must have gone out there to place some cones, note sure if that was a magnet for the ice divers, but we left those lay right were they were. Looked thin...

Pete, Tom, Jeff, Ryan, Roger and John all had fun playing "nice" on the ice.

Weather was getting cooler throughout the day, with winds picking up and blowing the snow around. Cold stuff should be in a few days, maybe it will freeze the hold.

Pete and Tom tending Ropes.

Thanks to Ryan for some underwater shots, what you get to see looking up and

Who also, boy that hole looks small from down under.

Ryan didn't care, he had fun playing with the "Big" dead fish.

His hands still smell.

Then Roger wanted to try again to get out on the lake.

Well about the same result. Does Jeanie know about this? Definition of insanity is???

Well he did get a little further out. I told him to go around the lake, but that was a NO!

Good thing you always get a lot of help from your dive buddies. That 2nd glove is ruff.

Jumping in 5 divers had a great time, not sure what the water temperature was but the air was at least above zero.

John even found a pair of ice cleats near those orange cones.

Thanks to Pete for the sandwiches and the beer from Jeff. Ryan promised to supplies brownies for the next dive. Nice to get back in the water again. We left in peace, but the remains were still very very visible.

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