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1St Ice Dive of 2022 on Pewaukee Lake 1/23

With a little difficulty finding the right spot to get on the lake, we were able to jump on the lake by the Pewaukee Sports Doc (Roger's favorite bar for some reason now). Difficulties started with poor Pete falling in at the West launch in an ice heave. Notice his frozen leg. Dan following 2 GPS's while driving and still getting lost in subdivisions and golf courses. Well eventually everyone arrived with John and Jeff pulling up the rear.

Dan and Paul were first to jump into the waters, air temperature was around -15 WC and it felt like it. Good thing the water was up to 34 degrees, according to Paul.

Dan was excited to jump in too, finding a really nice new pink fin for Jan.

Only problem was the fin ended up in my car, Roger payback is coming soon!

Off they ventured in, with just a few free flows. That happened with each group, good thing we had the trailer and Pete remembers to bring the bucket for warming water.

Those boys really were having fun.

A little broken gear didn't matter, tie straps work just as well. Never Ever abort a dive with faulty equipment - is our motto!

Not too many treasures, thinking Jim got them all along the bottle horders.

Post mapping, we figured we had been in the area with a fall dive. Visibility started out a bit murky and by the time Pete and John went our after Roger and Mucker Jeff, we had a good 4". Paul was a great helper.

Mark was helping too, with the Pewaukee Police making sure he had a firm grip. Watching were Roger, Dan, Ryan.

Looking from above it looked very warm, John didn't even need gloves.

Finishing up, we headed to a warm Sport's Dock! Bloodies & Beer really helped, mixed with a little Crown, Dew and Coke. Thanks to Dan we finished the Bailey's on the ice, that did go down smoothly and warmed us up before we arrived along with the Apple Pie!

Well only a few bottles were found, as we discussed at the bar

We did have a great time, off to Beulah next week.

Some of us had a bit too much fun...Roger Oh my..

Good thing he caught that young woman when she was falling.

What is Jeannie going to say at the Christmas party after seeing that?

Better work on that story soon :)

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