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12/17 North Lake visit

A surprisingly warm December day meant Pete, Mark, Jeff and Paul could dive on North Lake, while Roger kept the trailer warm and smelling good.

Visibility seemed pretty good. Jeff went with Paul and Mark with Pete.

Everyone went in at the same time with empty floats

Nice area to get all set for the dive, just a little tricky getting between the lifts & piers

Depths to 70 feet and a few treasures were found, as evidence from the float ladder

Jeff apparently didn't know that the lurer is supposed to be below the water when fishing

Dangling side to side, hoping for something to bite

The boys came back happy and cool, but well rewarded. Water was 42 degrees.

A good trip and fun time, amazed we still have a few days w/o a frozen lake.

While the boys were diving, Roger was working on his bacon bfast w a side of eggs&ham

A few anchors, paddle and flag to go along with the pontoon ladder

Oh there was only 1 more left, Paul could not look happier to have it!

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