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12 1 2018 Nagawicka Shore Dive in the Icy Waters

A chilly 33 ° day for a winter dive –

It’s just the sort of thing that makes these guys thrive!

Tom, Jeff, Roger, Pete, and John

Excited to get their ice dive on!

Out on Nag, had to break through the ice –

Cutting a hole;

See the video below,

To get a sense of just how we roll:

Polished the mermaid;

Brushed the zebra mussels from head to toe –

Also lucky to find the S.S. Minnow.

Other treasures were some Hawaiian shorts, a dare devil lure, and a gnome;

A few cans, including an unopened Burgmeister beer –

Complete with the foam!

Depths of 50 feet, and water temps around 38 °;

Wet divers were short lived (about 30 minutes)

Before they had to evacuate!

John had one little problem –

A leaky dive mask;

No matter how much he jerked it around,

It was not up for the task!

The front plastic plate was broken;

Had seen better days,

His mask filled up with water –

Causing a wet, blurry haze!

He writes “mask” on his wish list to Santa;

And hopes Santa will overlook his naughtiness for sure!

But, luckily Santa Pete came along with a cure!

When out of the sack in his truck should appear,

A brand new dive mask, won just last year!

When we got back to the launch, a steady cold rain and wind started to blow,

The next thing we knew, it was turning to snow!

So we hopped in our cozy dive trailer to warm ourselves head to feet –

And sampled a Thanksgiving bourbon barrel aged beer;

Courtesy of Jeff and Pete.

We were so snuggled up toasty in our dive trailer abode –

No one wanted to leave,

But, alas we packed up and hit the road!

Leftovers from Halloween ...

A great warm day to plunge:

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