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11/19 Silver Lake

Pete, Roger, Paul and Jeff went diving on Silver Lake...well that is's Silver Lake

You get the best picture first, which is Chef Pete!

Pete made the absolute best breakfast, which he always does when John is MIA.

Roger Found a nice Navy anchor diving with Jeff. Not sure why 2 ropes were attached?

Never ceases to amaze me what people think on these things.

Look at this man work, amazingly fast. Roger was still recovering from dive meeting.

Not from being over served, just from the "shuggie muffins squeeze"... Don't tell Jeannie!

Best Guest speaker we have ever had at the last meeting...Thanks Jim for giving us the history of the rescue of the Submarine USS Squalus!

Where was John? Well not skimping any meals at the Packer game w 77K of his other friends. Thinking John might have eaten all the Johnsonville Brats at the stadium.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, next dive is Turkey Day at 9am at Nag beach!

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