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11/17 Lake Beulah Shore Dive

7 Divers ventured out to Lake Beulah: Mark, Zack, Paul, Roger, Jeff, Pete & John. 3 wet and 3 went dry.

Oops it's been a little while since the dives have been updated on the blog,

but we have been going every single week.

GPS tracks, good food, good drinks, good friendships, goodies found, or not...

This week's early adventure was off the Lake Beulah Launch with our toasty warm trailer. Unlike a prior week at 29 degrees when the propane ran out while snowing. Thanks Pete for keeping us guessing.

Wow we were even visited by a little munchkin with a grey Ford truck, straight from the Wizard of Odd... By the way the little guy wants to be president of the club next month come and vote for the little bugger.

No not kidding he really is that short and round like one of Santa's elves... more later if you dare to look.

Loading all the gear we only were missing poor Jeff, who texted us after 9am that he was: "Running a little late". What a surprise to all.

The Happy Underwear Boys, who had on their suits prior to going down the hill.

Packed up and headed down, hoping the jeep was not in our parking spot this time.

Well the little round guy forgot something special and had to run/trot back up to the parking area...forgetting his dry suit, see how he traveled. oh my if he only saw Jeff he could have rode instead of embarrassing the crew, who quickly departed.

Jump right in a warm day, compared to the last few.

Diving to 60 feet and temperatures between 37-41, no Pete it was not 32!

Had quite a good trip

Poor Zack got dizzy with Mark's compass skills, or lack of them. Perhaps a Stillwater navigational skills class is in his near future.

Returning, we gathered in the cozy trailer to eat great Pete's egg sandwiches and brews from Jeff (good thing he finally showed up but had to dress after everyone else).

Only issue was the treasures i found in my car, but not under the lake. Thanks President Roger for leaving those treasures behind in MY CAR!

Yes, that is a duck, off next week to Browns Lake if the weather holds.

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