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11 13 Hunters Lake Dive

Jeff found his little worm, joined by Pete, Paul, Roger & John

Off to Hunters Lake, only issue was Rogers leading Muck trail could not be seen on GPS.

Dive Prep, cool morning in 20's

Excited to be out in the sun, or at least partly cloudy.

All goods set for treasures to find and boy did we clean up the lake :)

Bikini tops, fins, bottles, coffee pots, copper tubing, masks and snorkels we found it all.

Any Guess who found the top?

oh even a few fishing poles.

A few bottles, mucked up but oh so worth it.

Copper tube was a wind chime, nice coffee pot.

Even a broken embossed one from Oconomowoc! Yes, golf balls too.

Paul's bottle was definitely unique. What a small little snout, Paul will research this one.

A colorful whiskey bottle and an odd looking blob top beer bottle for Jeff.

Even a full china set and yes that is really a sardine can, must have been washed down with a few of the beer bottles.

Oh those guys were so excited to show there goodies, Jeff just got a bit carried away

Breakfast at the Sunset Restaurant afterwards was great and warmed us all up.

Really, off to Rock Lake next week and Pine Cone afterwards.

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