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11/12 Little Muskego Shore Dive

Jeff supporting cancer awareness Month, just a few days late with his find, showing his true inner colors. Off 7 divers ventured on a cool Sunday morning...

Jeff picked the spot and parking was just a bit tight. We almost fell into rocks getting out

of the trailer. Roger, Pete, Mark, Paul, Jeff, John & BRANDON (Let's Go Diving)

Paul was thrilled he didn't have to dive with Pete this week, since the rod/bottle stealing the prior week. Rumor has it Paul will "tell all" at next weeks dive meeting - good gossip.

Brandon, following Jeff's changing outside the trailer made a great impression on the neighbors. I'm sure the treasure trove of junk everywhere also assisted and someone who kept peeing (in public) on a certain maple tree... (yup tree below if you must know)

A large variety of anchors (one of great interest to neighbors), a few fishing poles and only one square bottle. Yes, we found a few other bottles, but many broken or recycled.

Yes, a lift float was needed by Mr. Muck Roger, who literally destroyed all visibility for the 4 divers behind him. Mark was so excited you can tell with his pre/post dive photos.

Roger found the a bear trap, or anchor. We placed it right behind the trailer to avoid the dogs sniffing around in addition to the other people walking. It was scary and talk of town. Really not much happens in Muskego

I think you could lose an appendage in that quick release trap. Guess someone must

have been looking for something menacing in the waters of Little Muskego Lake. We 'boxed' up and left.

Overall a good lake clean up day diving to 40 feet with visibility of up to 15 feet, water was 45 degrees and dives took just under an hour. A feast from Roger, who remained photo-less preparing food in the trailer. A great time was had by all.

Dive meeting next Tuesday with a special GUEST speaker you don't want to miss. Stillwater Diving LLC 6pm 11/14.

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