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11 05 Hunters Lake booty find, or was it gooey?

Roger for sure found the yummy treats that Sherri made for the group, don't tell Jeannie

A venturous 4 divers swam out in Hunters lake, no idea where they went but they did find some bootie. Roger and Jeff went up one side and Pete and Paul the other. A few anchors, a double rake (for weeks), bottles and balls.

Off to Sunset for breakfast afterwards, too bad they missed the Packer game ;)

The true treasure was Paul's experience diving with Pete, now he knows what poor John has to put up with almost every single week. Oh there are so many things to say, lets just state a few that stood out for Paul's memory:

#1 Paul had to lead and pull the float

#2 Tom would NOT fill Paul's tank with the pittance of air he had left, perhaps surface swim of shame

#3 Pete surged ahead of Paul and too his brand new fishing pole, which Paul clearly had in site an reach

#4 Paul found a bottle stash, but Pete took all the goodies and Mucked it all up

#5 Just show up for next meeting and Paul will explain "all"

A good collection, could have been from Sue dumping some of John's basement collection? Even 3 from Ohio that were found. A nice quite enjoyable dive.

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