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1/20/19 Ice Dive Lake Beulah on the eve of the Blood Moon

Everything frozen’

Nothing worked right;

Chain saw puking, gas auger sputtering

Even the depth finders had frost bite!

But Pete, John, Jeff Gavin, & Roger all persevered

Some say they most have been dropped on their heads

When they were first reared!

John is proud he made it -

Jammin’ out to the Acoustix till wee hours of the morn

Makes getting up early tough

When his old body is worn!

Took the dive in Hateley’s Bay

Perfect spot at 27 ft. on a slope

With vis pretty clear to guide our way.

The gear was temperamental;

Issues with the cold…

Regulators free flowing

BC s freezing up;

Bodies red needing hot water

Yet, there was none to behold.

As Jeff and Roger took the first dive,

Some poor old man was out shoveling an ice rink

He had been there for over an hour

Or so we do think.

Only treasure for them was a flask;

Unfortunately for Roger, it was empty

No Crown Royal to ease his pain

He was drenched from his toes to his mask!

(His dry suit malfunctioned;

It too revolting the cold

Major shrinkage was a site not to behold!)

After a 30 minute dive, they hustled back to the trailer to change and revive–

Swapping with Pete and John,

Who were next up for the dive.

Down to 55 feet depths for 30 minutes of ice cold fun –

John also found a flask – all be it an empty one.

And an over sized milk carton full of fishing gear too –

But, many a lure spilled out on the way up

Saved for the treasure hunt of another dive crew.

As they emerged and bolted for the trailer

Quick as they could move their feet –

They noticed that poor old man still shoveling his rink

About four hours of work,

Yet still not complete!

But, alas the warm trailer!

There’s no place like home without a doubt!

But, wait… a putrid smell came bellowing out!

Raunchy onions to accompany Pete’s hot sloppy joes

It was all worth it when you’re cold down to your toes!

Just a bit isolated out there

hole started re-freezing w/in a few minutes

nice ATV Plow markings

Roger in action

Some goodies

You know what a fish is seeing from down below

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