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Well that looks like safe diving on Pewauke Lake on January 28, 2018 - What could possibly go wrong?

Launch looks a bit iffy, but maybe other side is good?

I don't think much better is that a car down there?

Safety is our biggest concern - Dennis has taught us very well and Dan follows the rules!

I think Roger is telling Dan something, but i'm not sure what it is. Everything looks really normal and good to go...

Rhonda thinks something might be a bit funny

Happy all...

Pete is happy, so is John

Jeff and Mike are Happy

Tom's not diving, poor daughter had a B-day and he is not feeling quite right really not sure why? Perhaps a wee bit of the Jack

Well Roger is away

Pete is looking for a friend

Ahoy a boat

That doesn't look quite safe, but whatever...

Food & Brew time Chili and for Tom a bit of the hare of the dog

Even a UTV showed up today, packing up in the snow

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