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Pewaukee Dive a night of Joy for Jeff

6pm: boat loaded and launched on Pewaukee –

At a beautiful 76 degrees;

The forecast was questionable,

Looming thunderstorms, hale, and a swift breeze.

Pete, John, Rhonda, Tom, and Jeff –

Made up our team of five.

Pete took off east for a solo dive.

Tom and Rhonda went north by northwest diving dry;

John and Jeff headed east in only wet suits –

Looking hearty and fly!

John’s navigational skills appeared to be lacking,

Going in circles and zig zags,

Like a drunken sailor failing at tacking.

Despite the usual bad vis in Pewaukee which tends to suck,

The team encountered a bit of treasure hunt luck!

Pete, Tom, and Rhonda found many bottles – a colorful array;

But Jeff definitely had the catch of the day!

A huge antique anchor with 2 balls on each side,

Resembling one from an old shipwreck,

That had washed up in the tide.

Lift bag attached, floated up this beast, ready to go –

The dive took over an hour with swimming back –

Tough with the extra weight of the anchor to tow!

Secured the beast on the boat with a heave and a hoe –

Had to hurry as we saw in the distance the lightening show!

Maxed out boat speed at 3000 RPM –

Zoomed back to the shore.

Just as we were pulling out,

Gale force winds and hail pounding –

And heard the thunderstorms roar!

Still dawned in our wet suits,

Scurried to pack and call it a day;

Then as quickly as it came –

The storm went away.

Off in the distance, lightening streaks danced across the sky, yet by us storm was clear –

No better time for a hot dog and beer!

The time together was fun though the weather was bleak;

More fun to be had on Occonomowoc Lake next week!

Jeff's other treasures

The Crew

The storm looms...

What did we see down under?

The Unknown...

What a Crock

The Lost Pyramid of Pewaukee Lake... Lake Mills has nothing on our Pyramids...:

The Aftermath from above

Ahhhhhhh the joys of diving in 4SeasonsScubaDivers Club, all can be heard in our next meting Tuesday at 6pm at UW in Delafield.

Come and enjoy the tales to be told, sharing a view of a few bottles and perhaps

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