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Hunters Lake was better than Turkey license Rog

All dressed up to go, with Lemon Cookies in our tummy's, but no trailer yet...Pete

Proof on the cookies, thanks Sue!

I didn't know Paul likes lemons so much, please save Pete just one!

Roger, don't do it, no no no :)

Off on an adventure with a few muck clouds, not sure where Steve and Rogers track were...maybe just eating more cookies.

Water looks clear enough, but that could be a long trek up river.

Pete arrives with trailer and no dog poop outside the door this year, Jeff's happy

Pete arrives with food, what a good guy. I hope that is enough, we might be hungry.

An ice chipper and old bottle from Roger and Steve

A vintage $245 minnow bucket from Jeff and Paul found an anchor, but hid it right away as not to be looted. Other anchors were found by Pete and John. A Richter nonetheless

Even a phone, in mint condition.

A fish scale and measuring tape to add to the tackle box in good shape.

Steve was VERY protective and proud of his 1800's bottle, more at the next dive meeting.

Roger could not believe he missed it.

John, Rog, Jeff and Paul ate almost all of Pete very good taco's.

The home made salsa kicked it up a notch or two, Jeff even started sweating.

A great day. Water was 45, air was 37 and dives were 59 minutes or less in 32 feet.

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