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Frozen lake whoa's off to Nag 12/6 lost 3 divers

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Pete picked Booth Lake, but that did not turn out as expected. Booth had a large ice float with geese walking on it, so off to Nag. Yup, Pete texted everyone he "thought" was going to show up. 3 people waited for about 45 minutes before Roger checked his phone to see where the trailer and rest of crew was located. Duh isn't he in IT? Ouch!

Waiting at Nag, Pete, John and Jeff was all set to go:

Roger, Paul and Katie still waiting on Booth

Just saying check the phone Roger, you know Paul doesn't have one and Katie didn't know anyone but Zack and he was cave diving somewhere with Mark.

Well finally he showed up with rest of crew, off we all went.

Goodies were found in 36 degree water, good thing it was up to 38 at 54 feet ;)

i'm not thinking the phone works, but AT&T does have a good upgrade plan right now.

All missing divers were able to show up and dive, but poor Paul he still has a leaky valve (in the dry suit that is), something else leaks with Paul but i'm not going there, just call him stinky.

Bourbon aged beers, a bit of crown all helped wash down Lori's wonderful Biscuits and Gravey! Lori even stopped by to check we finished it all to the last drop.

All members were part of the clean plate club!

This was our dive track, dang we missed the SS Minnow again...

Track of Jeff, Roger & John the loop was Pete polishing the mermaid for Dennis.

Off to Beulah next week!

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