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4/24 Hunter's Lake Scuba Diving

Well the weather was warm and the waves were light and the adventure was off to

Hunters Lake!

 Trailer shore dive with Jeff, Pete, Paul, Sam (Newbie!), Ryan, Roger & John

The water was surprisingly pleasant, if you could stay dry

Well the treasures did appear, too bad the 1st dive for Ryan and Sam did NOT stay dry

:) looks like those dry suits need some repairs. Even Pete had a leak in his boot.

Roger had to dive alone, took of 1st and mucked it up for all of us...Thanks!

Golf balls everywhere and a pipe for

smoking something, but we aren't sure what that would be? Perhaps some Hunters


Did Roger really have to bring that back for Jeannie? So he says.


Dives were just under an hour and water was 47, visibility was good outside of the "Roger Zone". Poor Pete needed his trusty John to show him the way...again. Pete always gets lost in the abyss on the west shore and does the Jenn Psacki circle-back tour.

Roger did pilfer the most loot and Paul and Jeff found some balls for a change.

Good thing we had a "few" fry pies thanks to Lori! Someone was pig, but I'm not saying any names.

John ended up with treats in his dive bag and pants, not sure who deposited it there,

but 1 animal was very happy with the find

Was nice to have Sam join us, maybe at the next dive meeting 6pm 5/14 she will tell everyone about her miss-adventures with diving with Ryan?

Well it was a great adventure and we wonder if Sam will return? Give her some encouragement, she was smiling post-dive in all wet cloths :) Must have been fun!

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