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3/16 & 3/17 Ice Dive on Lake Keesus

Top o’ the mornin’ to all ya lads and lass–

This weekend’s dives were to certify some in an ice diving class!

On this St. Patty’s Day weekend, the luck of the Irish was present and bold!

Fours Seasons Dive Club was helping out their pals at Stillwater –

Iniitiating two new ice divers Steph and Mark

In quest of an under-ice pot of gold.

Tom and Laura played host on their Lake Keesus shore –

Where instructor Jim led the way for divers to explore.

Pete and John dove along, observed by Rhonda, Dennis, Julie, Tom & Paul

Despite Jim having a hard time “getting his stick in the hole”

A sunny fun time was had by all!

Rhonda took one for the team –

Hangin’ with Dennis on Tom’s deck – manning the command post from on high

Till finally Dennis came down off his post to man the rope box

Reading off the number of feet each diver gone by.

Mark was almost in violation of OSHA code –

Pushing the ice down in the hole with his foot instead of the pole

That is a standard no-no for which a penalty can be doled.

But, we let it slide as Sat. was his natal day!

Celebrated with shots of Jack from the bottle found in a Pewaukee Lake bay.

More fun on St. Patty’s Day to be had by the crew–

As shots were dispensed from Tom’s prize shot ski too!

Sadly, Steph’s ear wouldn’t clear –

Left her ice diveless we fear;

But surely she’ll finish her certification next year!

Roger too wasn’t going down into the drink –

Apparently too much Uecker, eating and drinking

On St. Patty’s eve we dost think!

Pete on the other hand was held waiting out on the ice

For slowpoke John –

Running home to change;

Not very nice!

But the waiting paid off;

Many treasures were found,

Including a glass coke bottle left by Sue 2 years back

For the dive picnic crew to scavenge around!

Several old shoes, cans, bottles, tennis and golf balls ta boot –

Lake Keesus was cleared of some substantial loot.

Even a mud puppy was rescued that fine St. Patty’s Day,

Visability ranged from 3 inches to 10 feet depending on depth –

So likely many a treasure or critter got away!

After feasting on Jim’s Irish venison beef stew and some cold not-so-Irish beer,

We called it a wrap for this year’s ice diving season until next year!

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