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2nd Ice Dive on Lake Nagawicka 2/16/20

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Pre-President’s Day dive on Lake Nag –

Second ice dive of the year,

Found 7 divers and 3 observers all in good cheer!

There were John, Pete, Roger, Mark, Jeff, Tom, and Paul

And Rhonda with not one, but 2 Brians –

To join in on the ice diving ball.

Two ATVs and 1 brand new UTV as well;

(Don’t tell Jeannie about the UTV on the lake,

Or She’ll likely give Roger hell!)

Aquatic Adventures was doing ice dive training

So we headed north half way between launch and Seven Seas

Or somewhere in that range –

Went back and forth with ATVs in order to change.

Just under 8 inches of ice –

A bright sunny day upper 30’s

Made conditions quite nice!

After several attempts, hole cut at 33

(Commented that Dennis would have known just where the cut should be!)

All divers paired up except for poor Pete who dove alone.

“Leaky Pete” had his second week of getting wet

Which indeed made him moan!

But at least Roger had a tank full of air;

Unlike last week, swimming around with just a pony

With no air to spare!

John too had his stroke of bad luck!

His new ice cleats stuck together,

Making him walk like a duck!

Jeff heroically struggled to release John’s cleats;

Bravely, with his head up John’s ass –

Thankful to survive this feat without suffering John’s gas!

Diving down to 71 feet and water temp of 38;

Visibility of 30 feet,

Made conditions first rate!

There were many treasures to find –

But sadly, they all got left behind!

After a longer dive day than the norm,

Divers cleaned up and packed in the trailer to get warm.

We feasted on Pete’s pork chops,

And downed a few beers –

To “next week on Pewaukee”

We raised our glasses to cheer!

What could possibly go wrong? Award in your future?

A great day with a lot of smiles!

Updated video of the dive

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