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1st Shore Dive of the Season on Lake Beulah

First dive Wednesday of 2019: weather was up to 50 –

Water temp on Lake Beulah 38.

Conditions were quite nice –

But visibility from the pier of 1 foot not too great!

Hopped into the trailer –

Ready to change;

One slight problem – no lights inside

Made getting dressed in the dark

Seem rather strange!

Probably a good thing the lights were all out –

As one individual sported his dental floss undies;

Modeling Cozumel style –

Blinded poor Roger & Jeff beyond a doubt!

Dive time found the four divers headed off in two different directions,

But amazingly paths crossed –

Seven different times, mucking up where the water was already significantly tossed!

Jeff channeled his inner girl –

Finding a pink and purple Disney Princess fishing pole,

Along with a large C Cow Muskie lure,

Jeff is excited to give them a whirl!

Roger scored some pot –

Of the fancy old porcelain style –

John: a nice glass beer stein,

Which brought to his face a big smile!

Pete left behind a large gaff hook,

To be found again at a later date –

All in all, 35 minutes of dive time;

First shore dive of the season went pretty great!

But first dive of the year, we weren’t communicating well between us guys –

Apparently, we need some retraining on signals like “I’m cold”

And not blinding other divers shining light into their eyes!

But the dive lights served their purpose in the dark trailer,

To change and to serve food;

Brats and hot dogs supplied by Pete

And John & Jeff’s bourbon beer with angry minnow growler –

To lighten our mood!

A wonderful first shore dive of the year!

Onto next week on Mill Lake

And Double D’s bar for a post dive beer!

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