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Welcome to the 4SeasonsSCUBADivers website. Divers dedicated to safe diving, enjoyment, camaraderie and promoting sport diving formed this club. As its name implies, its members dive during all four of Wisconsin's challenging seasons, including ice diving in the winter. If you would like more information on our club, click on the "Contact Us" button on the Home Page and a board member will respond to your concerns, comments, interests and/or supply you with an application for membership, and then be prepared to enjoy SCUBA diving with some of the nicest divers in all of Southeast Wisconsin.


Who Runs this stuff?

Want more information or want to join?  Click Contacts below and send us your information, or just show up for Membership meetings.

Welcome to our website. We are a club dedicated to Scuba Diving Year Round and welcome your participation and comments. Our meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Stillwater Scuba/ Delafield / 6:00 pm. Visitors and prospective members are welcome to attend---the door is always open, we look forward to meeting you.

Click here for upcoming Events - Dives, meetings, etc

If you want to see us in our real element - (Click above to view)

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