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Very Windy Lake 5/24

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

The very BUFF Jeff braved the 35 mile/hour winds w/o any fear.

Pete and John were bundled up, but not quite as flashy. Lori has to luv the hunk above!

We did have to watch him dress :(

White caps were present, but missed those pictures hanging on to everything.

The flag on Jeffs float was just ripping in the breeze, not too much boat traffic for some

reason, only a few unseen fishermen.

Only one catching fish was this osprey, he had it in his claws as he flew over.

Pete secured "Big Blue" anchor on the bottom, yup we had to put in 3 today.

John had some issues navigating, but was it really his fault keeping a straight line? No he had float, 7 anchors & Jeff

How clear was it? John's knife must need a little sharpening, couldn't even cut the rope, so he just gave it to Jeff to pull up.

A good haul of anchors, for Mike to clean and blast off...his job as first mate you know!

Back to Pete's for yummy food w veggies (no Roger) and excellent Beer from Jeff.

Just might have been a bit to spicy for Jeff based upon the brow line sweat :)

John ended up going free since he left his undies somewhere else, but not worth a shot.

Off to Pewaukee next week for more great visibility!

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